How to use a Waffle Maker?

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Making waffles at home with long handled waffle irons was a difficult task some time back. Now waffle makers have taken their place and made baking waffles easier than ever.

Waffle makers require minimal effort from user’s side, and on the provision of their desired electric socket suiting that particular model, turn out perfect delicious tasting waffles.  The user must go through the user manual prior to experiment with the machine for the first time.

Step by step guide

Step 1: Read user manual

Read the user manual carefully and follow directions regarding the appliance. Confirm that the electrical socket required matches exactly to what is needed.

Step 2: Clean your waffle maker

Wipe your appliance with a damp cloth or with a bit of mild soap. Wash rinse and dry it completely. It is better to clean it before use whether you have taken it new out of the box or taken out from kitchen cabinet.

Step 3: Grease inner side of the appliance

Apply some oil at the top and bottom of the inner side of the machine, even if it is non-stick coated. It is always better to remain on the safe side. Non-stick sprays are also used for this purpose.

Step 4: Plug in

Plug in the waffle maker after confirming that the appliance is sitting stable on the counter. Select the browning shade you like.

Step 5: Prepare the batter  

Prepare the batter for your waffles. You can follow your own recipe, or choose to prepare from a mix available at stores. Take care not to over beat the batter, otherwise gluten may develop and waffles will become rubbery.

Step 5: Pour in the batter

Pour in the batter as the appliance signals that it is ready to bake. Use a wooden or plastic spatula to spread the batter carefully avoiding any mess. The volume of batter varies from brand to brand. Normally a measuring cup comes with the appliance. It is best to use that cup to avoid any spill over.

Step 6: Lock the lid

After pouring the batter, cover the lid, and lock it. Flip the main part of your appliance if it is a flip waffle maker.  It will automatically start doing its work. Do not try to peek. The appliance will inform you through a beep and light indication when waffles are ready.

Step 7: Take out the baked waffles

As you see the indicators informing about the waffles readiness, open the waffle maker carefully and by using a wooden spatula, take out your favorite waffle ready to eat.

Step 8: Unplug the appliance

After you have completed making waffles, unplug the appliance from the socket and let it cool down for cleaning. Clean it carefully before you store it.

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